This is how much you have contributed this Ramadan!
Thank you!

Families impacted

Bags of rice donated

KGs of rice fed families and children

Who did you impact?

Every purchase of prducts have directly impacted a select group of families identified through our partner, Insaf Malaysia.

Insaf Technical Relief Malaysia is a non-governmental organisation that provides humanitarian relief activities for the underprivileged due to natural disasters and poverty both locally and abroad.

The Riang Ria Bersama ERA fund was channelled into the "Sekampit Beras Satu Keluarga" programme, a yearly activation by Insaf Malaysia. This programme is now in it’s 7th year with the aim to collect rice to be distributed to underprivileged groups, orphanages, old folks homes, the disabled, the disadvantaged indigenous communities and the poor in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and a several other states.